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Enabling change and growth
Tailored for your business
Guided approach
Do you think you are ready to change?
Change Readiness Assessment
We check that you are ready to change with a Change Readiness Assessment.
Bringing Change To Life
70% of Change programmes fail, we help you ensure your changes stick.
Executive Coaching
We help your leaders change and support their teams to change.
Why choose Mindset Associates to help?
Mindset Associates is a team of commercially-minded, senior level change experts who have varied careers at senior executive level. All understand how change happens from both a strategic as well as an operational level, and how to make change stick.
Other services we offer
Strategic Planning
Leadership & organisational Development
Data & information
Customer Experience
Special projects
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PenTest Partners

"Mindset Associates really helped us clarify how we needed to adapt our leadership of the business to take us through our next stage of growth. Helping us see what we needed to change and supported us in bringing the changes to life."

Gerard Kerrigan, Founding Partner
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"During a period of 20% growth for the business, Mindset Associates proved invaluable in supporting leadership development creating focus and alignment throughout the team, bringing customer experience to life in DFS and making it a real USP to potential purchasers of the company."

Sean McGeoghan, CFO (City Based Language Service Provider)
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The London Dungeon

"If you have challenges in your business, I would highly recommend Mindset Associates. The team will work with you ridiculously hard to ensure that you as a business have great success."

Andy Walker General Manager at the London dungeon and shreks adventure
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Birmingham City University

“This has been an incredible project to be a part of and a great testament to collaboration between industry and BCU. The students on the MSc AI have enjoyed contributing to this and learning from Mindset Associates about the structural issues in change. It will be exciting to see organisations using EvolutAIn to avoid the major problems encountered in Change Projects.”

Iain Rice Professor AI BCU
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Working with The London Dungeon
"I needed some assistance and help, with a cultural change, so I involved Mindset Associates to provide something that was effective and efficient."
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Working with PenTest Partners
"One of the things we were struggling with, was as we were growing, we were struggling to communicate to bring everyone on the same journey."
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