May 2018

Royal Connection…

So the long awaited society event of the year is about to happen. When Meghan Markle walks down the aisle to marry her Prince the whole world it seems will stop and watch… What is it about events like this that captures the combined imagination of the world? The pomp and the ceremony will be

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Lifelong learning…

This weekend children and parents all across the country will be nervously anticipating the start of the round of SAT tests next week. No matter the age or the level, the kids will have been learning day by day – expanding their understanding of the world and topics ranging from the traditional maths and English

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Be MINDful

So today 871 people and I will start a month long challenge to raise money and awareness for the charity MIND. We have each set ourselves a goal of the number of miles we will run during the calendar month of May. This has got me thinking a lot about the impact we can have

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