September 2018

Going into Battle…

Hello! This weekend one of my favourite sporting events takes place – the Ryder Cup. The every two year battle between the best golfers from Europe and the USA to claim possession of the most important trophy in golf. What I find fascinating about the Ryder Cup is how, for pretty much the only occasion […]

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Playing the edges…

This week I have been talking to a wide range of my clients and spending time developing leaders at all different levels. There has been a bit of a recurring theme that has developed. This theme is the human trait to “play the edges” What do I mean by this? Well, as humans we are

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Share to win…

This week I have felt truly inspired! I am a pretty optimistic person (annoyingly so for many) but this week I am feeling even more energised and inspired to become my best than normal. What created this spark? What has led to this feeling? I have been a member of a “mastermind” group hosted by

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