Awarding Talent at the B2B Marketing and Call Centre Exposition

Last week, I was honoured to be part of two panels of judges at the B2B Marketing Exposition hosted at the Excel and The Call Centre Exposition. It was great to meet some like-minded fellow judges – Nadia Howard from Merlin, Lara Martini from Microsoft, Sham Aziz from Selfridges, Bhupender Chauhan from Cognizant and Martin Lehec from Moet Hennessy. It was a privilege to be able to award businesses which are making truly ground-breaking products and services that are transforming our digital era and paving the way for our Technology driven world!

Best Tech Innovation was awarded to Soteria Amaryllo. Amaryllo offer data mining services to B2B smart retailers and robotic cameras to capture video content in real time to the B2C market.  In addition, it uses AI to help businesses understand consumer patterns, in turn boosting sales and productivity.

The real time data analytics coupled with great heat map technology to track traffic across a variety of sectors (retail, theme parks, warehouses etc) made Amaryllo stand out. Relatively affordable with a passionate, confident pitch from Gen Shueh meant that Soteria stood out as a credible choice. 

A very close runner up was Leadfeeder – a Technology platform linking Google Analytics to CRM systems with the aim of increasing your Marketing ROI and showing you what your consumers are up to on your website.

Fabulous individuals with a real talent for creating technology solutions which are practical, affordable and deliver insightful information to your business. This is what made all contenders shine.

Another day of inspiring judging at The Call Centre Expo. This time our focus was on Best Communications Provider. With this award, the winning technology really focused around human beings, facilitating internal and external dialogue with teams and customers alike. This award went to Ring Central with Sunny Dhami picking up the trophy.  A Cloud based Communication and Collaboration System comprised of conferencing and calls which take feeds from more than 30 channels (social media, messaging, mail etc) and allows for real time data analysis and reporting. A product of our time with a passionate team behind it

Congratulations once again to all who put themselves out there and whose talent and contribution to their field is truly inspirational. It was a pleasure to be part of such innovation, surrounded by passion and pride and I look forward to seeing more innovation and talent next year.

Stuart Ewen, Mindset Associates


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