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The Service Mindset

I have been fortunate enough, in my career to date, to lead large teams across a variety of cultures, locations and languages. Most of these teams worked with high profile clients to rush deadlines with complex workflows and technology and their day would consist of keeping calm and creating an excellent customer experience while sticking

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Creating Alignment

Alignment – a term used to describe the synchronisation of the work, structure, metrics, people, reward, culture and leadership to a clear defined strategy. A topic which follows on nicely from last week’s discussion on Silos and the tell tale signs of a Silo culture which breaks down alignment. So now we are rowing in the same

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Dismantling the silos and rowing in the same direction

Silo – a term that has become part of our everyday business vocabulary, it has been passed around and discussed at many board room tables over the years and for many organisations is still as current today as it was last year and the year before. Silo mentality in the workplace occurs when people specifically conclude

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From Technical Expert to Leader…

One thing is certain about today’s leaders: technical competence alone is not enough to make them successful. We support organisations to transition their people from ‘Technical expert’ to ‘Leader’. Most businesses we work with, in particular, service led enterprises who are undergoing exponential growth are facing a reality which forces them to question whether promoting

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The Value of the Disruptor Leader

Inertia is common in many organisations.  As businesses grow, their operations become increasingly complex, with more customers, more employees and more suppliers. Often, processes and systems that supported a company well for many years will no longer scale to accommodate the changes. As a result, a now-complex business may find itself using outdated processes and

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Leadership of tomorrow…

Millennials. A generation which, according to Deliotte, will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. A generation which is frequently being labelled as having high expectations for rapid career development, is hungry for feedback and a workplace founded on fairness and equality but is often critised for being loyalty-lite.  I agree with Simon

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Time to stop burning through the matches…

In a previous blog, I reflected on Time to Think and how important it is for organisations to create a Thinking Environment in which people can create, innovate and prosper. Therefore limiting workplace burnout, enhancing mental well-being and ultimately leading with a human centred approach, what at MA, we call ‘Human Focused Leadership’ (HFL). A

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The Commercial Necessity of Leadership Development

As I made my way into London this morning, I read an article about the cost of absenteeism to private sector businesses. The figure currently stands at an average of £522 per employee each year. This absenteeism is having a huge impact on productivity and the bottom line for UK businesses. But despite more than

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Awarding Talent at the B2B Marketing and Call Centre Exposition

Last week, I was honoured to be part of two panels of judges at the B2B Marketing Exposition hosted at the Excel and The Call Centre Exposition. It was great to meet some like-minded fellow judges – Nadia Howard from Merlin, Lara Martini from Microsoft, Sham Aziz from Selfridges, Bhupender Chauhan from Cognizant and Martin

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