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The Importance of a Thinking Environment

Today’s brain-based economy puts a premium on cerebral skills, in which cognition is the ignition of productivity and innovation. High performance cultures often equate to high pressure environments and leadership teams across all industries are thus forced to manage the consequences of too much pressure, burn-out, anxiety etc. A study by the London School of Economics

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The Value of Workplace Coaching at times of Uncertainty

Through my coaching work with MA, I spent the best part of February interacting with business leaders whose diaries were, as ever, jam packed with meetings to discuss various items. Change management initiatives tended to be a popular item on the agenda and discussions around planning for the future and how best to roll out

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The Value of a Strong Coaching Culture in the Workplace

I kick started the year, through my work with MA, coaching individuals from various organisations across the UK and some abroad. The companies they work for all trade in very different sectors and range from large corporates to smaller organisations. They have very different business goals and their cultures vary greatly. Despite these differences, they

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The power of collaboration…

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” I love this African Proverb because it sums up in one really simple sentence why so many of us fail to take advantage of the power of collaboration – and yet simply shows us why we should. Collaboration can

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Santa’s Leadership Healthcheck

Since it is the season where all things festive take over I thought I would have a little bit of fun and conduct one of our leadership health checks on the big man and his global operation! Let’s see what we can pick up from Mr S Claus and his legendary operation! This guy was

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Leave nothing behind…

Its been an interesting week for me this week reflecting on performance. The question I am left asking myself is when is good, good enough? Should we be willing to settle for 7/8 when we could achieve 10? Instinctively I know that most of you reading this will say NO – if you can achieve

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