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If you thought adjusting to working from home was challenging…Here comes hybrid working. It took months for leaders and employees to adjust to working remotely, following Covid-19 last march. The next era of work might be even more messy, especially looking at McKinsey’s latest research that says 68% of companies lack a detailed plan for

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Managing Change in a New Era – Five Essentials to Make Change Stick.

Article published in City Security Magazine  Disruption The start of this decade has seen unprecedented levels of disruption around the world. Climate change, terrorism, increased cyber threats, the US elections, not to mention the political fall-out of Brexit, and most recently, the global pandemic with coronavirus. The full consequences of these individual disruptions are still

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Changing Mindsets!

Over the last few weeks, ready for our new website, I have been filming some testimonial videos with our clients. As part of this process, I have asked them what they feel had the most impact. One thing that comes out loud and clear is that our diagnostic process has really helped them understand why

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Do We See Ourselves As We Truly Are?

My last blog noted that over 70% of Change programmes fail (Kotter). This percentage has remained constant for a number of years despite lots of change management activity becoming part of corporate life. So what gets in the way of the change and why does it fail?  My strong belief is that most people actually

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Creating Employee Engagement

It was back in Paris in 2007 that the seed was planted. It was a seed that would flourish over the years and it wasn’t until about 2011 that I was able to give true significance and meaning to the conversation that had taken place in which that very seed was sown. Back then I

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Frustration and Angst or Great Service

In my experience of working in multiple sectors either internally or as a consultant there is a pattern to what makes a difference between organisations that have a great service culture and organisations that aspire to have great service culture but ultimately fail to translate the aspiration into reality for their customer and teams. I

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Creating Collaboration through Human Focused Leadership

Much of the pain we see in business dysfunction today is the result of a silo culture built by leaders who have created an infrastructure in which their team members operate but the walls of this infrastructure are often barriers to innovation and creativity, which over time can lead to toxic culture challenges. Most leaders

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The Service Mindset

I have been fortunate enough, in my career to date, to lead large teams across a variety of cultures, locations and languages. Most of these teams worked with high profile clients to rush deadlines with complex workflows and technology and their day would consist of keeping calm and creating an excellent customer experience while sticking

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Creating Alignment

Alignment – a term used to describe the synchronisation of the work, structure, metrics, people, reward, culture and leadership to a clear defined strategy. A topic which follows on nicely from last week’s discussion on Silos and the tell tale signs of a Silo culture which breaks down alignment. So now we are rowing in the same

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