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Playing the edges…

This week I have been talking to a wide range of my clients and spending time developing leaders at all different levels. There has been a bit of a recurring theme that has developed. This theme is the human trait to “play the edges” What do I mean by this? Well, as humans we are

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Share to win…

This week I have felt truly inspired! I am a pretty optimistic person (annoyingly so for many) but this week I am feeling even more energised and inspired to become my best than normal. What created this spark? What has led to this feeling? I have been a member of a “mastermind” group hosted by

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The impact of poor leadership…

This week I witnessed an example of some really poor service delivered. What struck me was the leadership culture that created this issue. The first was in a large homewares chain. I had nipped into this shop to get a few things for a picnic – it is not a shop that I have ever

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Have your cake and eat it…

My daughter has just recently started work at two new jobs post finishing her GCSEs, which made think about the importance of leadership and training regardless of the size of the business. One of the jobs is at a small tenanted pub and the other at an independent tea shop. Hannah who runs the tea

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Kindness matters…

On Tuesday night Gareth Southgate, England Manager, demonstrated true leadership. You may think I am going to discuss his leading the team through a tough game against Columbia to make it into the last 8 of the world cup. Maybe to reflect on key strategic or tactical decisions that he made during the game. However,

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