From Technical Expert to Leader…

One thing is certain about today’s leaders: technical competence alone is not enough to make them successful. We support organisations to transition their people from ‘Technical expert’ to ‘Leader’. Most businesses we work with, in particular, service led enterprises who are undergoing exponential growth are facing a reality which forces them to question whether promoting […]

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The Value of a Strong Coaching Culture in the Workplace

I kick started the year, through my work with MA, coaching individuals from various organisations across the UK and some abroad. The companies they work for all trade in very different sectors and range from large corporates to smaller organisations. They have very different business goals and their cultures vary greatly. Despite these differences, they

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I am here now…

Recently I found myself sat in the corner office of the Chairman of a large multi-national organisation. It was one of those moments in life where you stop and pause and you think to yourself “How did this happen?” I was about to meet a guy who led a massive organisation who had invited me

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