Have your cake and eat it…

My daughter has just recently started work at two new jobs post finishing her GCSEs, which made think about the importance of leadership and training regardless of the size of the business. One of the jobs is at a small tenanted pub and the other at an independent tea shop. Hannah who runs the tea shop had previously trained on a catering apprenticeship at a high end hotel and spa, before deciding open up her own Tea shop.

The attitude amongst the staff in the tea shop is noticeably different to that of the pub. The staff appear to feel valued and appreciated, which is reflected in their smiley, welcoming domina when you walk in. In turn this has a knock on affect on the customer experience, which is reflected in the excellent customer feedback the tea shop receives on trip-advisor.

This is heavily contrasted by the attitude of the staff in the pub, with the over riding incentive for work being the money. My daughter has said how in the tea shop the staff work cohesively and together, each taking turns doing tasks like washing up and serving. This cannot be said for the employees in the pub, who work very much in separation and as individuals, which is perhaps why the pub receives mixed reviews online.

When observing the two jobs there is a difference in the way each of the two jobs are viewed and the way in which the businesses treat their staff. The staff in the tea shop are made lunch and have access to a free drink, whereas the employees at the pub are given ‘left overs’ and are obliged to pay for any drinks except tap water.

The training of Hannah as the leader in the tea shop has created an environment of knowledge and quality, in contrast with the pub. This positive, knowledgeable environment allows for the staff to feel as though they are learning and developing skills. This is a prime example of one leader changing and progressing which can be passed onto future generations of people and inspires others to follow in their footsteps.

By embarking on a journey of training your team, it not only helps your existing team, but As Hannah shows also enhances the future of the hospitality sector of the UK creating a legacy of quality and great leadership

Here at mindset we are about changing the world one leader at a time and great to see entrepreneurs like Hannah becoming the embodiment of our goal.

Stuart Ewen, Partner, Mindset Associates

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