How do you change the world? One random act of kindness at a time…

Yesterday Nicola, our Finance whizz was out and about and happened across a man who was prostrate on the floor. this poor man was clearly in a difficult situation and yet people were just walking past and paying him no attention, let alone trying to help. In fact many were choosing to take videos of him rather than do anything positive.

Nicola chose to call the police and an ambulance and stayed with him until he received attention and was helped. Irrelevant of the causes of this persons situation he was a member of someones family and was worth of kindness.

How often do we choose to turn our head away of difficult situations rather than facing into the issues and doing what we can to help? Leaders are leaders in all aspects of their life. If you claim to be a leader in your working life you can’t just turn turn it on and off when it suits. Leaders lead and demonstrate their true worth at all times – not just when it suits them. H Jackson Brown Jr states that our “character is what we do when no-one else is looking” This is what integrity is all about. If you are willing to turn away and not help someone in need because no-body is watching or it won’t benefit you, then it is hard to demand that others follow us. Congruence is where what we say and what we do matches and true leaders hold themselves to the highest standards of congruence! True leaders stay true to what they believe and who they are. True leaders have the confidence to step into spaces where they can use their talents to help others.

In this small act Nicola demonstrated that kindness wins out every time and showed her own leadership credentials! Leadership really isn’t about standing on stage and giving rousing speeches. Leadership is not about making the big strategic decisions even – leadership is how we choose to show up each and every day and the decisions we make in the moment. Do we step up and help or do we walk past and leave it to others?

Haydn Bratt, Pioneer, Mindset Associates

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