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Hybrid Working in 2022

First leaders and employees adjusted to working remotely, on what was presumed a temporary situation, then hybrid working was introduced to the workplace. Now according to Envoy, hybrid working has become the top preference for workers in 2022.

As a result of the pandemic hybrid working has ** but there are mixed feelings of the new way of working.

Looking at our recent poll, we asked how people prefer working, 80% of voters prefer working a hybrid model.

Many workers who have been working from home for a long period of time say they prefer working in the office and want to go back to normality. For some businesses there is still no change after seeing the business can still operate from home – with some eager to get back into the office, at least most of the time.

Implementing the hybrid working model can be beneficial for both employees and leaders. Having the flexibility as an option is seeing an increase in employee retention and productivity in the workplace.

The hybrid model is a healthier option for the mind, allowing employees to still have the human interaction they desire alongside the flexibility of work.

Research by Microsoft suggests more than half of UK workers who currently have the choice of hybrid working would consider leaving their company if it was no longer an option. Equally, people looking for new jobs are looking for the flexibility in the job benefits.

And what about third place concept?

The newest way of working is known as third place concept, but what does this mean? Third place concept is not working from home, not working from the office but instead working somewhere in between. For some this may be a local coffee shop or library and for others this may be a co-working space that require a cost to use the professional facilities.

For some this may not be the chosen way of working, but for others third place concept can be a break away from the home environment with no interruptions, while not having to commute to the office.

What is the way forward in 2022?

If your employees want to control when and how they work, do it. Letting employees choose the way they work will more likely increase the productivity in the workplace and maintain a happy workplace.

Let us know in the comments your preferred working model.

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