Mindset Associates in partnership with Birmingham City University to develop AI technology

Mindset Associates work with businesses in a range of sectors providing interventions to help organisations successfully implement change-projects. 70% of change management projects end in failures, but the reasons for such failures are frequently repeated and in nearly all cases preventable.

As such, Stuart Ewen, founder of MA, wanted to develop a digital change readiness assessment that generates analytical insights to look into an organisation. The development for this type of technology would become costly for Stuart and his team to do alone.

A chance discussion facilitated by some tech savvy guys then led to speaking to BCU about what we would need to do to bring the idea of Evolutain to life, the AI tool powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The development of Evolutain began with the support of a group of data scientists and a select group of change professional from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The advanced AI tools, software and data management systems provided by BCU allow MA to work at scale and to meet their current goals, but more so they have shaped up the breadth of AI-enhanced Change Management systems which will keep Stuart and his team at the forefront of the field for years to come. Future developments offered through AI were beyond what even they had imagined.

The partnership between BCU and MA was incredibly beneficial for both organisations, doing what all universities love to do which is cutting edge research that leads to a real-world application. It has paved the way for future integrations between MSc AI students and organisations who want to learn and identify how AI could benefit their operations.

“2020 has been a wake-up call, change is hard and when done badly really impacts the businesses and people lives. We wanted to Make Change Easier by using a more data driven approach, which means we are able to help more companies and their teams to take the angst out of change.”

Stuart Ewen Founder MA 

“This has been an incredible project to be a part of and a great testament to collaboration between industry and BCU. The students on the MSc AI have enjoyed contributing to this and learning from Mindset Associates about the structural issues in change. It will be exciting to see organisations using EvolutAIn to avoid the major problems encountered in Change Projects.”

Iain Rice Professor AI BCU 

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