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We have years of experience and a highly skilled team with a hugely diverse background.
Through our experience of working in organisation and helping businesses to thrive and grow we have developed our simple but highly effective approach.

MAPPS & Diagnostic

MAPPS Framework

  • We use Intelligent Technology + Human Expertise to measure change readiness.
  • It is important for organisations to build the ‘muscle’ in their organisations to be ready to change.
  • We measure Change Readiness on an ongoing basis, measuring if you’re fit to meet the challenges that change brings and ready to embrace the future opportunities.


  • We know change won’t stick unless you understand the context and challenges that the business sits in. Really getting under the skin of the business, the behaviours, habits, culture and the leadership choices that are getting in the way.
  • We undertake a comprehensive review and analysis of your current practices and team capabilities to come up with sound, actionable, measurable recommendations to move the business forward.
  • To make this happen we look at your data and importantly spend time with you and your team, speaking to the people at every level to help us understand the key strengths and opportunities that exist within your business.
  • Some of our clients use this to understand key challenges within the business and we present them with a structured plan and recommendations. Others use it as part of a change programme enabling the interventions to be truly tailored to your needs, in your language and designed to help your team actually make the changes.

Change Programmes

70% of change programmes don’t work. We know this causes frustration lots of wasted effort, along with a cynicism about change. We are driven by the desire to change this and create something amazing, we know that what makes  change stick and how to get your team behind it.

Nothing Less Will Do

Everything we do is designed specifically for each client. Our structured diagnostic approach helps make change stick. Once we understand the context and challenges that the business has by getting under the skin of the business (see our diagnostic process)

  • We next work with you create alignment behind the change programme and clarity about what actually makes the difference.
  • We support the team to break down the barriers to change.
  • We help remove silos and get the team working together removing duplication, wasted time and cash.
  • We know change is tough so we support the team through the changes. We have all been on lovely training days but nothing changes. At Mindset Associates we know it is people that make the change, not just systems, so we include coaching and support to focus on creating accountability and practical application of the learning.
  • We work in partnership with you to measure the changes and ensure the business is on track to actually make the changes required, helping your adjust priorities and focus.

Executive & Performance Coaching

  • We have a proven track record of investing in individual leaders.
  • We enable them to think and act differently and inspire their team to focus on customers and deliver outstanding growth.
  • Mindset Associates’ Executive Leadership coaching programme can be conducted as a standalone programme or in conjunction with a broader change programme.
  • Our coaching develops your people and allows leaders to focus on applying their learning in the workplace.
  • Our Executive coaches, coach people in the UK and overseas, face to face or virtually so ensuring that geographic location is not a barrier to achieving the changes you require.
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