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This week I have felt truly inspired!

I am a pretty optimistic person (annoyingly so for many) but this week I am feeling even more energised and inspired to become my best than normal.

What created this spark? What has led to this feeling?

I have been a member of a “mastermind” group hosted by my good friend and colleague Andy Hall. Based on the Napoleon Hill concept articulated in Think and Grow Rich this is a group of likeminded individuals from all across the globe who come together to support, challenge, educate and inspire one another.

The key thing for me was listening in to the stories and updates from each of the people on the call was super inspiring – every person’s experience held some lesson that I could learn from. Many of the actions taken were challenging to them personally – but also challenged my own views and my own approaches.

What i really discovered from the experience was the power of sharing and the power of listening. I invested 2 hours in a very busy week to just sit and listen and embrace the ideas and concepts of these brilliant people. Each of them are taking specific actions to create amazing futures for themselves and those they care about.

What really stood out for me was that to really be able to open yourself up to the learning and the growth potential you first of all have to be vulnerable enough to recognise your own shortfalls. It’s so easy to sit and be passive and think “I wouldn’t do that” or that “is not my problem” – but what i recognised this week was that by taking this stance I would have missed out on the rich learning that was being offered through others sharing their own challenges. Their willingness to be vulnerable in front of the group was amazing – but my own willingness to be vulnerable was the secret to unlocking the real power from this group.

As leaders we are often encouraged to be strong – to create clarity and definition for others. Willingness to step into a space of feeling like I don’t have all the answers can be a massive challenge – and yet in making that choice lies the real power to learn and grow.

At Mindset Associates we believe that the best leaders are not always the ones who have the most answers – for us vulnerability is a strength not a weakness.

Haydn Bratt, Pioneer, Mindset Associates

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