Time to stop burning through the matches…

In a previous blog, I reflected on Time to Think and how important it is for organisations to create a Thinking Environment in which people can create, innovate and prosper. Therefore limiting workplace burnout, enhancing mental well-being and ultimately leading with a human centred approach, what at MA, we call ‘Human Focused Leadership’ (HFL).

A staggering 70 million work days are lost each year due to mental health problems in the UK and the cost to employers is approximately £2.4 million per year. Poor management practices and poor mental health go hand in hand and there is strong evidence to suggest that workplaces with high levels of mental well being are more productive. Addressing well being at work increases productivity by as much as 12%. People feel valued and are more innovative – creativity prospers! 

There is an overwhelming tendency to consider and reward the technical aspects of leadership. By technical leadership, I mean strategic agility, operational excellence, commercial acumen, stakeholder management, financial insight and so on, so forth. Some leaders continually deliver on these aspects but often lose sight of the people. The human focused approach puts the employee’s well being at the centre of the decision making. Human Focused Leadership is driven by an overarching principle and firm belief that results are driven through having a People Matter Approach. When you look after your people, results follow. Human centred leaders recognise that technical leadership is built on a moral foundation.

Here are some simple HFL tips you can incorporate easily into your organisation to support with effective mental well being:

1. Support the development of compassionate and effective line management relationships 

2. Designate board champions, and ensure senior leaders and middle managers are responsible for implementing thinking environment cultures into their teams so people have the space to think and grow and remain mentally well

3. Address discrimination and encourage a disclosure culture

4. Provide coaching and mentoring for line managers, especially those stepping into managerial roles so they are exposed to human focused leadership principles from the get go

At Mindset Associates, we are passionate about leading with a human focused approach. If you would like to hear more about our courses, please email me at suzy.beech@mindsetassociates.com or visit our website www.mindsetassociates.com for more information. 

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